Grant Application

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any application guidelines I should follow?

Yes, please consult our Terms & Conditions as well as our Grant Funding Policies.

For your easy reference, you may also download this information as PDF documents.

Terms & Conditions of Grant

You may download our Terms and Conditions document for easy reference.

Grant Funding Policies

You may download our Grant Funding Policies document for easy reference.

Where are the Foundation meetings held?

Usually the September and March meetings are held in Regina, and the June and December meetings are held in Saskatoon. Please find the exact locations and dates here

As the Foundation may request that you be present to speak to your application, you may wish to schedule your application accordingly.


Where should I send my application form?

They should be emailed to the Executive Director.



If after review you have any questions as to how your organization should proceed,
the Executive Director can provide assistance.